The festival campsite for tents and trailers is located in the middle of the village. 5€/night for tent or 8€/night for caravan. Bathroom and showers on site.


Local providers

Kittilä offers a variety of accommodation. More information from


School accommodation

Kaukonen school is located within a walking distance from the venues in Kaukonen and offers accommodation in shared classrooms. Without mattress 8€/night, with mattress 15€/night (excluding pillow and blanket).

Limited space.

Hotel accommodation

Hotel Kittilä offers discounted prices for Silence Festival visitors. The hotel is located in the center of Kittilä, about 20 km from Kaukonen village. In Kittilä there are all the services and some festival venues nearby.

Room for one costs 70€/ night and room for two 80€/ night. 

You can reserve your room by phone  (+358 44 760 02 00) or by email info(at)hotellikittilä.fi. Include "Silence2019" in your reservation and you will get the discount.